September 27, 2022

This new site is amazing! How do I use it?

You've been asking for an overhaul and we heard you!  Welcome to the new and improved Brandi Carlile Complete Fan Experience!  To navigate the site, click on the Menu in the upper right corner and you will see all of your options.  Tour information, list of Albums, latest Videos as well as Shop for merchandise!  Click on the "Latest" icon for news posts.  Last but not least, click on "Bramily" for fan club access. Wait, what?  Are you saying the Bramily site is gone?  NEVER!  Bramily has been integrated into this site and all paid members will still have the same exclusive access they did before.  There are parts of the site that are for all fans and parts that are marked with "PREMIUM" that are for Bramily only!  Click on the "Bramily" link in the menu to access the new forum! This new site is being released in phases.  The Exclusive Content section from the old site is coming back in Phase 2!  Stay tuned for more!  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me at
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