Record Store Day Release

Pick up our vinyl contribution to Record Store Day! It was recorded live at the Santa Monica studios of KCRW “Morning Becomes Eclectic” in September 2015. A limited edition 12" release on beautiful white vinyl. Available exclusively at independent record stores this Saturday, April 16. Find your local store:

Track List
1.) The Things I Regret
2.) Wilder (We’re Chained)
3.) The Eye
4.) Wherever Is Your Heart
5.) Murder In The City
6.) Beginning To Feel The Years

Bruce Springsteen and North Carolina

As I'm crossing over the state line into the beautiful Massachusetts where I was legally married to my wife four years ago- I'm contemplating Bruce Springsteen and North Carolina- everywhere I've gone I'm being asked if I plan to cancel my shows.

I should start by saying that I want to be Bruce Springsteen when I grow up. Bruce has decided on principal not to go through with his concert because of thinly veiled legislation having been passed that permits the discrimination of my LGBTQ brothers and sisters in NC. I deeply appreciate this, and I want to say on my own behalf thank you for doing what you're doing guys.

These are massive shows and this is big business lost for NC- Bruce is not LGBTQ himself- but is bravely defending those of us that are. This is how we've seen the progress that we've seen.

As artists it's our responsibility to take cause against those who would oppress our brothers and sisters and defend them using whatever power we possess.

Bruce is an artist, but on behalf of NC LGBTQ citizens, also are poignantly depriving NC of the big business their events would bring- well done.

For very different reasons I have decided not to cancel my North Carolina shows.

I'm a small artist, and I'm gay, many of my fans are gay as well.

To cancel my shows in NC would further oppress my fans who are hurt by this legislation, who worked hard to suppress it, and who need a place where they can come together.

That's why we intend to be in Wilkesboro, Charlotte, Asheville, and Greensboro this summer.

We're going to come together, let our voices be heard, not stand down, and make a joyful noise in the face of this insult of a law.

We all have a role to play here, Bruce is playing his beautifully and I respect him.

In my own humble way though, I want to witness the protest through music.

See you NC my friends. xobc

The Secret Sisters: New Album!

The twins and I are currently producing the new The Secret Sisters album!
This is our first production project that isn't our own.
PLEASE read my letter below to understand how you can be a part of changing The Secret Sisters story and helping us make this album! It's revolutionary.

"Boys they can't take my refrigerator now!!"

Who said it? No no - it wasn't a bandit on the run from the law fearing the dreaded appliance repossession... it was Patsy Cline not long before she left us in 1963, why is it important? Because Patsy Cline had a slew of number one hits under her belt while she frequently pondered the real possibility of repossession of her prized possession... her refrigerator.

This is a problem because at the time the music business (and most businesses) had created for itself and environment where what women created became the property of the institution and the men who controlled it.

By default the uncomfortable truth about our beloved industry of art and honesty... is that we are what we create, making women themselves actually the property.

What a rough road for our heroes! Glad to know it's in the past? I think deep down we know that quietly, it still happens. We are seeing blatant misogyny constantly making music headlines and I am not happy with it.

The bumps and bruises that The Secret Sisters have earned on the road are entirely their own. Their life and their music are their story to tell. Young women in their 20's, they belong to no one
regardless of their gender. At some point they said we aren't owned... and they grew up.

You and I "their fans" might not have been able to save them from the pain and humiliation of lawsuits and bankruptcy (a small price to pay for their freedom) But by contributing to this pledge campaign and the making of this album we're standing up and saying - Boys you can't take their refrigerator now!

Let's make this record friends
Thank you

Just Announced!

Just Announced - Co-headlining shows with Old Crow Medicine Show!

4/30 Atlanta, GA – The Fox Theatre
5/4 Chattanooga, TN – Memorial Auditorium
5/6 Simpsonville, SC – Charter Amphitheatre**
5/7 Greensboro, NC – White Oak Amphitheatre

Pre-sale starts Wed. 2/3 at 10am, on sale Fri, 2/5 at 10am
**Pre-sale starts Wed, 2/10 at 10am, on sale Fri, 2/12 at 10am

All local times.

Chef Tom Douglas & Looking Out Foundation

Our good friend and renowned chef Tom Douglas is asking Brandi Carlile fans to help match his $25,000 pledge to Brandi's Looking Out Foundation

We are offering fans a chance to purchase 5 ultimate, deluxe VIP packages for Brandi's show at the Paramount Theater in Seattle on Saturday, October 17. 

Package includes: 

  • 2 excellent seats at the show
  • Dinner reservations at the Carlile Room
  • Exclusive sound check with Brandi before the show
  • Overnight sty at Seattle's luxurious Inn at the Market
  • Plus, delicious brunch on Sunday at Dahlia Lounge


Tom's new restaurant, the Carlile Room, across from the Paramount Theatre, was named to honor Brandi's musical heart and local upbringing. During Brandi Carlile's shows at the Paramount on October 16 and 17, the Carlile Room will help raise awarness and donations for Brandi's Looking Out Foundation. 

100% of the proceeds for the packages listed above will go directly to the Looking Out Foundation.


New Dates!

Just Announced! TWO Seattle shows, 2nd Troutdale show added and more! Presale starts tomorrow, June 2 at 10am. Public on sale starts Friday, June 5 at 10am. All local times.

9/11 Troutdale, OR – Edgefield (2nd show)
9/16 Reno, NV – Knitting Factory
9/18 Oakland, CA – Fox Theater
9/19 Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern
10/6 Charleston, SC – North Charleston PAC
10/11 Philadelphia, PA
10/16 & 10/17 Seattle, WA – The Paramount