Girls Just Wanna Weekend Lineup Announced

I live in Seattle. Therefore, I start clawing at the door to escape something I call “the cold grey nothing” immediately after Christmas.

For 13 years Tim, Phil (the twins) and I have been awarded the privilege of eluding the cold and getting to take trips with fans to the Caribbean and Mexico! I’ve done amazing vacation weekends with John Mayer, Dave Matthews and the Avett Brothers but for most of these trips, I’ve got to be a part of a really special music cruise called Cayamo.

Cayamo has truly taught me how collaborative and fun people can be when they’re experiencing the joy of a vacation! Just being in a community with fans and friends while they’re getting a break from work inspires the artist to not see what we’re doing as work either! 

That’s when shit gets real. 

Beautiful musical chaos ensues - learning covers on the fly, “artists in the round” comedy and impromptu songwriting sessions… and yes even “Brandioke” (Brandi + karaoke) -  you sing our songs and the twins and I are your backing band.

It’s awarded me some of my favorite life moments with my friends, heroes and family.

This year we are going to make this happen in Mexico with a ridiculously fun group of my best friends - some of us are Cayamo alumni - Patty Griffin, Maren Morris, Margo Price, The Indigo Girls, Ruby Amanfu, The Secret Sisters and me! Some of us are new to the concept, including Lucius and KT Tunstall, but we will all be family when it’s over. 

Mainstream festivals in the US habitually exclude women as headline artists equal to men. I was brought up by Lilith Fair to believe that men and women enjoy live music equally and that women can not only headline a festival - they can BE a festival. I’m proud to announce that our festival has an ALL female fronted lineup.
This means a lot to our band we’re gonna make sure you never forget it!  My sister Tiffany is gonna teach the morning yoga class, we’re gonna have a sandcastle party for the kids (and childish adults) and my personal favorite will be the grand finale “Ladies of the 80s” where we will close down the party with a set full of our favorite femme fatale power ballads from the 80’s sung by me and the rest of the women in the lineup…there will be fingerless gloves and there will be eyeshadow....all of the eyeshadow!  Don’t forget your leg warmers. 

I would absolutely LOVE to see a ton of men there supporting women in rock and roll, I want to see mothers with children, single people, LGBTQ brothers and sisters letting it all go for a weekend together in harmony (with bottomless tequila on hand to assist). 

Let’s start something together. 

We are the Island of the misfit toys.

We won’t let you down.

Viva Mexico!