Voting Has Begun!

I want to sincerely thank everyone who bravely chose to contribute their stories of forgiveness and join our #ByTheWayIForgiveYou movement. I knew I was asking a lot of people to use this platform to bear their souls and find the strength and courage to truly forgive. I think I know what it takes. I have read each and every one of your incredible stories of forgiveness and to say I have been moved, humbled and inspired is an understatement. You are all heroes to me and I won't forget the stories you told and what it must have taken to share them. The twins and I have chosen the 50 entries that resonated with us, stories that we felt resembled true forgiveness. I don't want to undermine this movement by calling it a contest or a competition but I am going to leave the impossible task of choosing one story of forgiveness to you the public. Please take a moment to visit our Facebook page and lend your support to our #ByTheWayIForgiveYou movement and vote for the person who inspired you the most by liking their story. xobc