The day has finally come...

Hello friends!
The day has finally come…
We are so incredibly proud to release our new record By The Way, I Forgive You into the world today. We hope that you see this as our bravest, finest, most personal offering to date. So much love went into the making of this record and we hope it feels as cathartic for you as listeners as it felt to us as writers and performers.
Nothing I’ve said means anything to me until I’ve said it to you, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts for lending us your ears.  We are truly grateful for your loyalty and support over the years and beyond excited for this record to reach new folks. DO let us know what you think and spread the word!
It’s going to be insane to play this album live for you this spring and summer and we hope we can do it justice. Lord knows why you keep on coming back out to see us after all these years but we’re gonna make you proud this time!
For those of you who bought a ticket to see us live – thank you. Not only have you contributed $1 to the Looking Out Foundation but you’ve also got a code to redeem a digital copy of our album (keep an eye on your email for your redemption instructions). The best part is if you already have the album, you can gift it to a friend, so either way don’t forget to redeem now! The more people who get to hear this record, the more likely the freaks are to take over the world of popular music… Lets make it happen!
Again, thank you my friends


The new album is available everywhere now, including Spotify, Apple Music + Amazon Music: