Cover Stories Has Finally Arrived!

Friends! #CoverStories is finally out for your ears to hear! I can't believe the day is finally here. It's been months and months of organizing, collaborating, recording in studios all around the country, me asking big favors of too many people, and talking about it until I'm blue in the face (thanks for your patience). But I wouldn't have done it any differently - we're helping so many kids with the money raised for War Child UK. We've generated over $250,000 of our $1 million goal and need to keep the momentum going! If you haven't picked up your copy yet, know that 100% of the proceeds go to War Child UK through the Looking Out Foundation's Story Campaign. Thank you for being advocates, thank you to the artists who made this happen, and thank you all for your support! xobc & the twins #TheStoryCampaign  

Brandi & The Twins.jpeg

Photo by Pete Souza