Cover Stories

I've been dropping hints for weeks and struggling in holding back my excitement. It's been a long time in the making, and it's finally ready. 14 amazing artists believed in #TheStoryCampaign through the Looking Out Foundation and, together, we created a benefit album that helps kids impacted by war. I'm proud to introduce Cover Stories. This has been a true labor of love. No one's making any money from this. ALL of the proceeds are going to War Child UK. I'm going to be talking about this a lot in the upcoming weeks - be patient with me - we need all the visibility we can get on this thing so that we can raise as much money as we can for these kids. So we're asking you to join us with everything you've got to throw at this crisis. Join us by pre-ordering this amazing album and help these kids get a real chance at a better life. xobc #COVERSTORIES