That Wasn't Me & Working With Kris


I’m so excited to tell you about our video for our new single That Wasn’t Me. I was so moved by the treatment when I first read it and I couldn’t have envisioned a story or concept that would have made more sense to me. Although our songs are always open to interpretation, the lyrics of this song are particularly important and personal to me. It is a subject matter that deserves to be handled in a tasteful and powerful way and I really hope you’ll agree that the message is loud and clear.

I am also really proud to announce that, by the grace of god, we somehow managed to persuade the exceptionally talented Kris Kristofferson to play our man! I literally could not believe my luck. I was fortunate enough to meet Kris in person at the shoot and he surpassed all my expectations and proved himself to be a kind, compelling and inspiring gentleman………and a bad influence – here’s evidence of him leading me astray!

We sang Hank Williams songs, shared great whisky and solved all the worlds’ political problems while we were at it, one of my best days.