Day 1 of The Bear Creek Summer Revue

Hey everyone!

I’m in Minneapolis getting ready to start the BEAR CREEK Summer Revue.

 This is and always has been one of my favorite cities…I remember playing the 400 bar and there being a few hundred people there. I could have played all night…at the time it was I think the only show on the tour that had sold out! We were so happy about that hahaha! This city has since become a total celebration and a beloved stop for us… There are even whispers of us coming here to play our NYE show (aka party…usually involves heavy metal) here this year…shhhhhhh

The band may be the best it’s ever been everyone has been pent up and practicing for 6 even 8 months! It’s unreal the energy I was seeing and feeling at rehearsal…at one point I was actually absentmindedly applauding after a song had finished…I tried to stop drinking coffee…not gonna happen. I hope you guys love this Revue as much as I do.

Tomorrow is the launch of the new Looking Out Foundation website!!

I’m over the moon about the strides we are making with LOF and particularly the activism that we are participating in this summer with and ONLY with the help of our fans and friends.

I plan to keep in touch and post funny and compelling videos all summer long…sometimes abstract meaningless garbage too but who’s counting?

Tonight we all walked from our motel near the Minneapolis zoo to a local BBQ joint…Phil and Tiffany are so chill about pushing their baby (me and Tim’s niece) down the sidewalk for a mile with all of our band and crew…that kids got an army ;-) Check out baby JO…do they even get cuter?

Do you think she looks like a twin?


I can’t wait for this tour to start…

I can barely sleep tonight.

See you out there!