Wherever Is Your Heart Video

Hey everybody!

I’m not sure if you noticed anything different about the video for “The Eye” but it’s one continuous take shot completely live in a cool sounding dark space (Seattle’s Moore Theatre).

As an alternative to our years of standard video making where one synchs the master recording to a concept or short film, we’ve decided to do a short series of videos using natural sound, live performance and a concept that integrates our surroundings in a real way! It’s inspired by the Pin Drop Tour and the making of our album The Firewatcher’s Daughter.

I’d like to introduce part two of our series for our song “Wherever Is Your Heart”. We made this video In our hometown of Maple Valley in the freezing cold inside of a tunnel on a hiking trail where we spend a lot of time when we’re home! There was a huge wind storm that day and all of us lost power and decided to hike out with the guys at Mason Jar Music to shoot the song. The sun literally came out for JUST these ten minutes or so!

Thanks for watching!