Happy 32nd Birthday Brandi!

Hey everyone, In honor of my 32nd birthday on June 1st, I’d like to yet again encourage my loyal and generous fans and friends to contribute to charity: water; helping to build freshwater projects for people in developing nations. For my 31st birthday last year we raised an incredible $6425! by asking everyone to donate $31. So this year, in the name of tradition, we’re going to step it up again. I’m turning 32, so I’m asking people to donate $32 (or whatever you can afford) and the Looking Out Foundation will MATCH the total raised! A billion people in the world are living without clean water; this is completely unnecessary and unjust. What we see as a natural and accessible resource is a luxury to some, so think about this next time you turn the faucet on! I am incredibly blessed and I have more than I will ever need, so it’s my birthday wish this year to give clean and safe drinking water to those without it. Charity: water ensures 100% of all donations go directly to water projects, and each donation is “proved” and tracked to the village it helped when projects are complete. Please help this amazing organization continue the vital work they are doing in the communities that need it the most. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, xobc