Hard Way Home Summer Convoy!


When the twins and I first started touring we used to pull over at truck stops all over the US. We’d buy funny little truck stop things like dream catchers, powdered donuts, 80’s DVD’s and jars of jam, this is how we discovered the eclectic subculture of trucker music. It started with just one trucker album, then one thing led to another and we began calling the US highway system a pinball machine and drifting off to sleep swaying in the backseat to the sweet stories of Red Sovine and his crew. We had long nights discussing the perfect CB handle and how we would dodge the “smokies” if we were all hardened truckers. We named ourselves Phantom 309 as an alter ego. All this led us to why named our summer tour “The Hard Way Home Summer Convoy”. We heard it in a trucker song and we knew that was how we would conquer the majestic pinball machine this time…Like the song says - “we got a great big convoy moving through the night”.

First and foremost, I’m thrilled to announce the return of the amazing Mr. Gib Droll! For those of you who are new fans, we have been playing with Gib on and off for about 8 years and we managed to talk him into coming along this summer to school us on guitar and various other stringed instruments! He’s been a strong mentor to all of us in different ways and I’m gonna ask him to teach me some slide guitar moves this summer! He’s always responsible for instigating after show jams, whisky swilling and then the inevitable way too violent wrestling match to follow…I’m already lifting weights and preparing my liver.

Jeb Bose will be showing up in random cities as well! He’s splitting time between our band and his other band with Gregory Allen Isakov who has a record coming out this summer! You can count on seeing The Twins, Josh and Konrad all summer long as usual. But this tour is really special for us and we’re all learning how to play some different instruments, so the stage will look a little different than it normally does!

In NYC we were introduced to The Lone Bellow. I was so excited and impressed that we promptly asked them to join us all summer long on tour. We started covering Angel From Montgomery on the very first day, so I’m thinking that was the beginning of many more collaborations to come…. Check those guys out in advance, you’ll love em!

I’m completely obsessed with the Red Rocks show with Blind Pilot. People, it’s all I can think about. I’m determined to top last year somehow…I might orchestrate an incredibly epic 80’s power ballad medley to close the show, or light the twins on fire! So if you haven’t made your travel plans yet please make them for the mountains of Colorado. We won’t let you down and it’ll be the night of all nights for us!

The music is better than ever and we are beyond excited to get back out there with you guys! We need rock and roll guys… Turn us loose!

See you out there!

xobc and the twins