Update From Brandi

Hey folks,

I’m headed to the sunshine from rainy Seattle yet again!

Who needs a honeymoon when you can just drink and swim surrounded by frans?! (my new word combining friends and fans since neither word alone really ever works to describe that relationship). I’m going to be in Puerto Vallarta playing one show here: http://discoversweet.com/sweet-hard-rock-vallarta/

The organization bringing us out recognizes the need surrounding responsible vacationing. To me this means community outreach in sometimes fragile areas by supporting their non-tourist based infrastructure and rolling up your sleeves before heading to the beach! To check out what we mean and for further information on how you can donate to this amazing program click here: http://discoversweet.com/pv-lunch-and-music-program/

Then after Cayamo, Rock Boat and now Sweet Puerto Vallarta, you can join us in a little thing I am calling “sober spring!”