Joni 75

I am beyond excited to announce that James Taylor and myself have just been added to the lineup for Joni Mitchell’s 75th birthday celebration!

Joni Mitchell is one of the most influential and incomparable artists of her generation. As an artist, painter, poet, singer and musician she takes you on a journey through unchartered territory and you have absolutely no idea how she got you there. Listening to Joni is like discovering life on other planets. She is peerless and her artistry is all her own. 

To say she has influenced me as an artist and a woman is an understatement. She is an absolute trailblazer and has paved the way for myself and other songwriters to be fearless and honest with our craft. She gave me a voice I didn’t know I had. 

It is without question one of the greatest highlights of my career so far to be invited to honor Joni Mitchell and her work. I am beyond humbled. 

“Part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time”.

I’m pretty sure tickets are sold out for this but just in case:
Photo: Norman Seeff

Girls Just Wanna Weekend Lineup Announced

I live in Seattle. Therefore, I start clawing at the door to escape something I call “the cold grey nothing” immediately after Christmas.

For 13 years Tim, Phil (the twins) and I have been awarded the privilege of eluding the cold and getting to take trips with fans to the Caribbean and Mexico! I’ve done amazing vacation weekends with John Mayer, Dave Matthews and the Avett Brothers but for most of these trips, I’ve got to be a part of a really special music cruise called Cayamo.

Cayamo has truly taught me how collaborative and fun people can be when they’re experiencing the joy of a vacation! Just being in a community with fans and friends while they’re getting a break from work inspires the artist to not see what we’re doing as work either! 

That’s when shit gets real. 

Beautiful musical chaos ensues - learning covers on the fly, “artists in the round” comedy and impromptu songwriting sessions… and yes even “Brandioke” (Brandi + karaoke) -  you sing our songs and the twins and I are your backing band.

It’s awarded me some of my favorite life moments with my friends, heroes and family.

This year we are going to make this happen in Mexico with a ridiculously fun group of my best friends - some of us are Cayamo alumni - Patty Griffin, Maren Morris, Margo Price, The Indigo Girls, Ruby Amanfu, The Secret Sisters and me! Some of us are new to the concept, including Lucius and KT Tunstall, but we will all be family when it’s over. 

Mainstream festivals in the US habitually exclude women as headline artists equal to men. I was brought up by Lilith Fair to believe that men and women enjoy live music equally and that women can not only headline a festival - they can BE a festival. I’m proud to announce that our festival has an ALL female fronted lineup.
This means a lot to our band we’re gonna make sure you never forget it!  My sister Tiffany is gonna teach the morning yoga class, we’re gonna have a sandcastle party for the kids (and childish adults) and my personal favorite will be the grand finale “Ladies of the 80s” where we will close down the party with a set full of our favorite femme fatale power ballads from the 80’s sung by me and the rest of the women in the lineup…there will be fingerless gloves and there will be eyeshadow....all of the eyeshadow!  Don’t forget your leg warmers. 

I would absolutely LOVE to see a ton of men there supporting women in rock and roll, I want to see mothers with children, single people, LGBTQ brothers and sisters letting it all go for a weekend together in harmony (with bottomless tequila on hand to assist). 

Let’s start something together. 

We are the Island of the misfit toys.

We won’t let you down.

Viva Mexico!


Save the Date!

Save the date! Girls Just Wanna Weekend is something I’m really proud of. These past few years I’ve really been noticing the exclusion of women at the top of mainstream festival lineups. 
This is a weekend holiday in Mexico celebrating women in rock and roll.
Men and women and anyone in between... EVERYONE is welcome from all walks of life! There will be tequila, there will be sunshine and we will be demonstrating that women are the main event! 🤘

I’m so excited about the all-female line up which we will announce next Wednesday! 
Bring your kids - I’m bringing mine!



Are You Listening?

I want everyone to know that I’ve had the incredible privilege of being a part of a movement that I genuinely believe in.

Wherever you stand in the debate around gun violence prevention, I hope we can all agree that young people deserve a voice and that in a civil society the least we can do is listen to and amplify the people we’re passing the world onto.

The kids in this video left their houses, put down their phones and showed up in Seattle to protest gun violence and ask for the adults in this country to take responsibility for what’s happening to them in their schools. This is the way I would want my daughters to communicate and this is a generation I am in complete support of.

These young people are asking for a change - are you listening?

Responsible gun laws are on a spectrum and as much as we’d like it to be, it isn’t black and white. Some of these kids hunt with their parents, some of them are enlisting into service and will carry a weapon in defense of your way of life. Don’t make the mistake of broad brushing what they’re asking for.

We can’t allow ourselves to be divided and conquered any longer by organizations that profit from our division. There can be and there IS a way that we can create change from the center of the debate.

The students behind March For Our Lives in Seattle made this video. This is me amplifying them.

Are you listening?

Reach beyond the line between the opposing sides of this hard conversation - Hold Out Your Hand.

- Brandi Carlile



Shirt Giveaway

Ok, I’ve had a lot of compliments on the shirt I’m wearing in the official video for “The Joke”, so I’m literally gonna give you the shirt off my back! Click the link below to find out how to win my beloved shirt signed by yours truly! (I may or may not have washed it since the video shoot) ha ha!  By The Way, if you haven’t seen the video yet - check it out. It’s directed by the legendary Danny Clinch and I am so proud of this anthem, the movement, the art piece that is this video, and the courage it gives us all. xobc 

Enter to Win here: 

Voting Has Begun!

I want to sincerely thank everyone who bravely chose to contribute their stories of forgiveness and join our #ByTheWayIForgiveYou movement. I knew I was asking a lot of people to use this platform to bear their souls and find the strength and courage to truly forgive. I think I know what it takes. I have read each and every one of your incredible stories of forgiveness and to say I have been moved, humbled and inspired is an understatement. You are all heroes to me and I won't forget the stories you told and what it must have taken to share them. The twins and I have chosen the 50 entries that resonated with us, stories that we felt resembled true forgiveness. I don't want to undermine this movement by calling it a contest or a competition but I am going to leave the impossible task of choosing one story of forgiveness to you the public. Please take a moment to visit our Facebook page and lend your support to our #ByTheWayIForgiveYou movement and vote for the person who inspired you the most by liking their story. xobc

The day has finally come...

Hello friends!
The day has finally come…
We are so incredibly proud to release our new record By The Way, I Forgive You into the world today. We hope that you see this as our bravest, finest, most personal offering to date. So much love went into the making of this record and we hope it feels as cathartic for you as listeners as it felt to us as writers and performers.
Nothing I’ve said means anything to me until I’ve said it to you, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts for lending us your ears.  We are truly grateful for your loyalty and support over the years and beyond excited for this record to reach new folks. DO let us know what you think and spread the word!
It’s going to be insane to play this album live for you this spring and summer and we hope we can do it justice. Lord knows why you keep on coming back out to see us after all these years but we’re gonna make you proud this time!
For those of you who bought a ticket to see us live – thank you. Not only have you contributed $1 to the Looking Out Foundation but you’ve also got a code to redeem a digital copy of our album (keep an eye on your email for your redemption instructions). The best part is if you already have the album, you can gift it to a friend, so either way don’t forget to redeem now! The more people who get to hear this record, the more likely the freaks are to take over the world of popular music… Lets make it happen!
Again, thank you my friends


The new album is available everywhere now, including Spotify, Apple Music + Amazon Music:

Sugartooth Video

Check out our new song from our album By The Way I Forgive You.

There are no words or statistics with enough depth to describe the pain that drug addiction is causing too many families in our country.

Above all lessons, becoming a parent has taught me that everyone is somebody’s baby - no one is “just a junkie”

"What In the world are you going to do when the world has made its mind up about you?" - Sugartooth


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Bluegrass Underground

cave entrance view 2.rif.jpg

We're going underground! We're very excited to announce that we will be part of the 8th season of PBS's Bluegrass Underground on April 20, 2018 in Pelham, TN! Presale tickets will be available starting on Wed, December 6 at 10am CT at

Public on sale starts Sat, Dec 9 at 9am CT. For more info on Bluegrass Underground, the caverns and more visit

New Album, New Tour Dates, New Single!

New album, new tour dates, new single, new reason to wake up happy on a Monday morning!

I can't begin to express how excited we are to announce the upcoming release of our new album. It's called “by the way, I forgive you” and it's the proudest and most personal music that we've ever created together. 

The album is out on February 16! Pre-order bundles are available now and include exclusive items: signed and numbered vinyl test pressings, signed CDs and vinyl, hand-drawn drumhead (by Phil), songbook, Pete Souza prints, and more! Instantly receive our first single “The Joke” when you pre-order: All music pre-orders through Merchtable will be registered to win a signed proof of the album cover!

No announcement would be complete without new tour dates! Our new band is killer and we're going big people! Lots of surprises in store and we can't wait to see you out there. Presale starts Tue, Nov 14 at 11am (local time) at Tickets on sale Fri, Nov 17 at 10am (local time) at VIP packages available for all markets (includes meet and greet, access to soundcheck party, exclusive merch and maybe a shot of Jameson!).

March 30—Seattle, WA—Moore Theatre
March 31—Seattle, WA—Moore Theatre
April 5—New York, NY—Beacon Theatre*
April 6—New York, NY—Beacon Theatre*
May 4—Boston, MA—Orpheum Theatre
June 15—Chicago, IL—Chicago Theatre
August 12—Denver, CO—Red Rocks**
*On sale Sat, Nov 18 @ 10am ET
**No presale
We are VERY excited to announce that for the upcoming 2018 spring and summer tour only, each online ticket order will include a digital copy of our new album, by the way, I forgive you. We absolutely can’t wait to be with our friends and fans on the road and play these special songs for you.  Please don’t forget to download your copy of the album EVEN if you've already purchased it elsewhere, as each redemption helps our band get closer to debuting in the top ten! Instructions on how to redeem your album will be emailed after your ticket purchase.  
And lastly, listen to our brand new single “The Joke” NOW on NPR.

Our fans have given us everything we have - we know we have a unique support system and we will never take it for granted.
Thank you doesn't cover it.